Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's talk about some issues

that I have with the whole entire universe.  Fun!

At two places on the freeway (one in Novi, I-96 Westbound, on a digital billboard, the other on US 131 Northbound, on the southern end of GR) there are billboards for Kentwood Office Furniture.  They say "Occupy this!" with a picture of an office chair between the words.
Needless to say it's offensive and unappealing.  I support the occupy movement, although I disagree with some of the ideas that they support, and I think the movement needs to present a more unified front.  Criticizing a movement isn't going to get you anywhere.

Secondly, TEDxGR.  Kumare.  This guy spoke at TEDxGR, and although I understand his message, I have a really hard time getting on board with it.  Basically, he acted like he was some sort of prophet, convinced a bunch of other people that he was a prophet (note: some people would call this "starting a cult") showed them how to find salvation, and told them that he was a fake so that they would realize that they had found salvation all on their own.
If I was involved in this, I would have a hard time trusting people afterwards.

Another speaker, Lz Granderson, got me thinking a lot.  His talk was about the gay agenda, and about how his gay agenda features drinking coffee in the morning and getting stuck in traffic on the way to work and going to bed at an insanely early old person time.  Teh gayz are just like you!  You should support gay marriage!
I support marriage equality.  However, I don't think that this is the right way to change minds.  Most people who actively oppose marriage equality aren't open to persuasion.   Two major huge factors in weather or not someone supports marriage equality are their age, and weather or not they know anyone personally who's gay.  If your next door neighbor is gay, and they're normal, then maybe teh gayz aren't so bad.  The majority of Americans support marriage equality, it's only a matter of time before things change, and giving a speech about the gay agenda isn't doing a whole lot to change that.

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