Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's list time.

1.I'm on the PostSecret chat,, well...I have a sort of strange fascination with the entire addiction and recovery forum. Is it just me, or do all the SI people want to recover, and the ED people are kind of mixed on recovery? Why is that? I would have thought that the ED people would be more pro-recovery than the SI people, because I've heard people other places be all like "SI is just how we deal with things, it's all good." but ED people generally are like "Yeah, it's bad, but...".
2.Drawing. Pukey. It was like...uber bad today. Maybe it's because I was sitting down and drawing on little paper? That's a good excuse, I think.
3.Camp. I'm going to camp next week. I'm going to end up with so many freeking mosquito bites. Right now, my legs are horrible looking, but it's too freeking warm out to wear pants*, so I went with shorts. And...someone asked me if I SI. No, but people used to comment on my legs way more. Maybe the scars are fading?
4.Stagflation. WTF does this mean? We learned about it in APUSH, but it didn't make any sense then either.
5.The concept of getting old and getting a job and getting married and having kids and moving back to this town is making me feel a little pukey right now. More than usual.
6.Earlier, I was all like "Imma draw something from a picture, but Imma make it look all Burtonesque!" and I looked on my computer for pictures and then I was like "Why are there almost as many pictures of Johnny Depp on here as there are of Alan Rickman?" and then the other voice in my head was all like "Why do you have any pictures of them at all?" and then the other voice in my head was likeand then one of the other voices was like "Yeah. Makes perfect sense now. Cheekbones."
And then that little voice that always hangs out in my head was like "Why does Tim Burton hang out with people who have good cheekbones when he, himself has rather unremarkable cheekbones?
7.Sometimes I think my life would be more awesome if I was an animator for Disney.
8.I need to fix my nails. You were curious, I could tell.
9. I think I'm going to go sculpt things. That's what normal people do at 1:40 in the morning, right? After they finish writing their blog posts, that is.
10. Alliterative August. It is so happening, bitches. I'm pumped.
11.Does studying literature make you a better writer? I'm not...that...sure. I mean, reading does, but does it have to be school stuff? I'm still deciding.
12.My bedroom wall is growing. In a good way, I think. I added a weird typographic experiment, another asofterworld comic, and a bunch of advertisments from SCAD.
13.One day I am going to move out of my parent's house and leave this wall behind. And likely several books.
14.I don't even have that many books! I never buy books! Why do they take up so much space?
15.It's because I keep my Euro binder on the shelf so that I can reference it in conversation when nessecary, I know it is.
16.I'm getting heroin-user-under-eye-shadows again. Possibly because I stay up late and blog. It's all for you, readers. It's all for you.
*this is one of the few times when "pants" means, you know, actual pants. Usually it means anything that I put on the lower half of my body that isn't underwear, socks, or shoes.

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Luna Moon said...

You're right about the ED/SI people.

SI people normally don't want to be in their positions, they do it to cope. It's a symptom of their illness.

ED people make being thin (occasionally fat, I suppose) their number one, and often only priority. It often isn't a coping mechanism so much as the actual disease.

Not that you don't already know this. But I'd figure I'd comment. Since when do I have anything better to do?

Samantha said...

I've always thought of EDs as being more about control than food, when everything in your life is going wrong and is completely out of your control, you can still control everything that goes into your mouth. That and perfection, even if you fail at everything else, you can still be skinny.
So I think they're the same, really, they're coping mechanisms for problems that people can't deal with any other way.
Well roti, I don't have a heck of a lot to do either. That's why I can haz blog.

Bianka Rose said...

Cheekbones, YES.

Alliterative August!!! I already have my first blog post written and scheduled. Beat that, PUNK.

I was really curious about your nails, actually. And since I was curious about your nails I figured you'd be curious about mine, too. I need to repaint them, and probably stop biting them. Then they might actually grow and look all pretty.

Samantha said...

This is my jelous face. Jealous jealous jellous. It's like Jell-o...Like...Jealous Juniper Jello in June.

My nails got so f-ed up at camp, you wouldn't believe it. They're insanely short and free of any polish for the first time in months. I ripped them off at camp, and now I can't even like...pick at things or scratch because my nails are so short.

Bianka Rose said...

That is very tragic. Currently, my nails are painted purple. I really like them.
Also, I painted my right hand with my left hand, even though I am clearly not left handed. WIN.

Samantha said...

...I always paint my left hand with my right hand, even though I'm not right handed, but, uh, good for you.