Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I just turned into a thirteen-year-old quizbowler right there. You're either proud or astonished.
I'm blogging twice in one day (quite the mortal sin, in my book) to tell you about something that made me gasp and look for someone to tell it to. You see, I'm reading Middlesex, and on page 37, after they're talking, the narrator writes "As I sit here in my Aeron chair, think E.O. Wilson thoughts. Was it love or reproduction? Chance or destiny? Crime or nature at work?"
Did you catch the important bit? AERON CHAIR, yo! I just make sure to tell people when I spot a piece of furniture I recongize. You should be thanking me for this public service. You're welcome.
What, was that post kind of silly? You can have another picture. You deserve it.I can hear you now "What is that? Is that just some random picture you found on your computer?" Fine. Maybe it is. Here, have another one.I feel like that adequately sums up my life.

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Luna Moon said...

I was reading Middlesex earlier in the summer. Then Volansky talked about it at the AP Lang pool party. And I sort of stopped reading it after that. I'd like to, eventually, since I love the Virgin Suicides.

Samantha said...

What was Virgin Suicides about? I've been wanting to read that for a while.