Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As you may have noticed, my most recent post was my 400th. I could take this opportunity to reminisce about the past three years of blogging and how it's changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined, but I don't really want to. We'll save that for graduation or my 500th post or something. Really, I'm just thinking about the fact that I have 100 drafts floating around on blogger.
As for the Next-Week-Novel, Ixente and the steampunk world have been ditched. You could feel it happening, couldn't you? There was just less and less love with that story, and I knew that I would go crazy if I tried to write it when there was a new, shiny, wonderful story idea sitting in my notebook.
I have a page and a half planned out, compared to the 11 pages I have of the steampunk thing. This story is current and it involves death, two things that I require when writing. I'm going to aim for 8k every day, and I think that it should be attainable, given my lack of social life. If I can just get off facebook, I should be fine. On that note, if you want to talk to me in the next week and a half, you should call me. If you don't have my phone number and can't get it from someone else, you probably shouldn't be talking to me. The way I see it, 8k seems like a lot, but 2k four times a day doesn't seem too bad. If I want to, I can go to the new shiny wonderful library and write there. The only possible problem with this plan is that my hands may give out after a certian point, as they've done during previous NaNos. Well, they haven't given out, but they've started hurting in a way that says "Samantha, now is the time to stop writing and lay on the floor in the fetal position if you want to be able to use your hands in a week."
So yeah, that's my life.
I've been studying for finals too. And talking to someone about the ridiculousness of the possibilty of someone else being pregnant. Yeah, gossip.

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