Sunday, June 6, 2010


I just saw Sweeny Todd for the first time. It was awesome. Ahhh, handwaving awesomeness. It's the kind of awesome that requires me to invent words.
Among other things, I've been doing an awful lot of thinking about the steampunk novel thing lately. This involves a bit of writing and a lot of imagining what the world should look like. For instance, I realized the following in a burst of awesomeness: The mayor is Edvard Vossa, he was elected on something of a populist platform, against the world that Ixente and her family is a part of. There's about 400,000 people in the city, there's bunches of crumbling gothic architecture, the mayor and the council of seven are elected by popular vote. Legally, all adult males can vote, but measures are taken to prevent "gypsies" from voting. They constitute about 1/4 of the city and are very segregated.
Gee, does this explain my current lack of understanding in Algebra II?
In other news, I quite like this house and this bit of happiness and these videos and this ideal of the Black family* and this drawing and these illustrations and frankly, pretty things make me happy, and I just want to make pretty things. Is that too much to ask? I just want to make people happy with pretty things.

*No blog post is truly finished without a Harry Potter mention.

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