Thursday, May 6, 2010

If I was seventeen

Okay, those are the lyrics to some song, but I can't remember the title or any of the other lyrics.
Sixteen looked like thisAnd thisAnd this (we have titled it "Samantha is a pretty little princess") Are you feeling the paleness? I'm feeling the paleness up in here.And finally, thisHow are we feeling about that hair? Both of my parents said it looked good, but I think it looks absolutely ridiculous. And, of course.I have also discovered that today is International No Diet Day. Did you have fun not dieting? I did. Also, Tony Blair's birthday and Give Samantha Balloons Day and The Day After Hank Green's Birthday Day. Were those good? Did you celebrate? I was celebrating all of them at the same time. Are you amazed yet?
This next picture is a big deal. It's me, at seventeen. Can you see the oldness on my face?*

Seventeen doesn't look that old, but it feels old. It feels really old. I'm an adult now. A legit adult, one who can buy tickets to R-rated movies and drive after midnight and do all sorts of crazy things. It's kind of amazing. I feel compelled to be something when I'm seventeen. What should I be? There's the situation, and then there's the art situation. When Harry was seventeen, he was saving the world. There's no pressure, no pressure.
*Please note that I was wearing the Communist Party shirt for most of my seventeenth birthday. This will be significant for posterity and such.

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Bianka Rose said...

You are not an adult yet. This is not the wizarding world. But you look very nice in your prom picture, and very old in your 17 picture. I hope you had a great birthday!

And Communist Party shirts are the best. FTW!

Samantha said...

I am an adult. Not legally, but I kind of am.
What? What? If this is not the wizarding world, then I want to go home.
Thank you for your compliments.
I had a fabulous birthday.

Bianka Rose said...

The title of this post makes sense now after Eshwar told me what your status was on Facebook.

LittleTree said...

I think you do 17 well, and this will be a great year for you . . . and the Hair looks good, do not give up on the goal, continue . . . and what to be . . .
Be SAM the best . . . be you, and enjoy each day fully. Peace