Saturday, March 6, 2010

In which I bemoan my tragic life. In other words, everything I've ever blogged about.

I have a cold, and I feel very yucky.
I wanted everyone to know that. I'm currently sitting around in my pyjamas and thinking of things that I could do that do not involve doing the copious amounts of homework that I should be doing. I have not made any advances on the college question. I have not made any advances on the career question. Progress on the book is at a standstill*, and I saw Alice In Wonderland last night. I want the book to look like that, but with less colour. Would that be a good backdrop? Because it's going to have a lot of characters (think Harry Potter. When in doubt, always think Harry Potter) and I want it to feel sort of steampunk-ey. Does that all fit together? Would that work?
Maybe progress will be made on the book after all.

*The book is currently in planning stages. It doesn't have a title, apart from "the steampunk thing" and the "they're going to do...something" and "Novel 5" writing on this novel will occur when school gets out.

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