Monday, December 21, 2009


I wrote this out of no where a couple weeks ago. I think it kind of pulls everything in my life together, but I'm not sure if I like having everything in my life pulled together like that.

I think I like books because I am an incredibly lonely person. When I was ten, I had no friends, so I read books. I was lonely and sad and angry, and no one at all knew what I was feeling.
Except for them. I could go to them anytime, and they accepted me and more importantly, they loved me back. That's why I write. Because Holden will always be lonelier than you, Harry will always be under more pressure than you, the Baudelaires will always be less fortunate than you, and Anne will always be more killed by Nazis than you. That is huge and comforting ot me, and I think it's huge and comforting to other people too.

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Luna Moon said...

I'm not quite sure if that's how I look at books, but I enjoyed your perspective. And you weren't the only social outcast at ten.

I really hope I don't get killed by any Nazis...

Samantha said...

You'd need a Delorean to get killed by Nazis, and even then, you probably wouldn't be. Good luck.

Aeromax said...

the mind is lonely because the body can rarely keep it entertained, humans communicate with their bodies and shortcomings beget themselves