Friday, October 24, 2008

20 Things.

I'm not going to tell you if you are one. Deal with it. I'm not going to write any comments on this note Enjoy.

1.I love you.
2.Shut the fuck up.
3.Stop being so weird.
4.Can we be friends or something? 'Cause I think you're really awesome and you don't even know who I am.
5.Stop being such a slacker, asshole.
6.I want to have a three and a half hour conversation with you.
7.I hate this, but I would give so much to look like you.
8.I finally feel like I've succeeded at something that I'm not naturally good at. Congratulate me.
9.I am lying to you. I never act like that normally.
10.You're awesome.
11.I like thinking about stuff like that. I like blogging about it. Apparently I'm the only one who does so.
12.You kind of freak me out.
13.I want to be you if I grow up.
14.I'm scared I'll be you if I grow up.
15.I'm a weirdo.
16.How can you stand to be so damn shallow?
17.Hah...You are probably my favourite person at church.
18.I'm the stupid kid. I know.
19.Well. We just drifted apart.
20.What's up?

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