Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Scary Hi! School, or My History Teacher

So, my first week of Hi! School was rather uneventful. I got lost many atime, but was only tardy once, and that was right after lunch.
The real topic here: My history teacher, who for our purposes will be called Ms.D.
First day of school-Ms.D appears to be very type A, left brained. I assume (thou shalt never assume again)that I shall be in for one rough semester. Not super excited. not at all.
Second day of school-I screw up one of many procedures and mention this in our history journals, which I assume she actually reads (HELLO! Does thou haveth shorth termth memoryth lossth?) , considering she actually reads our bell work.
Third day of school-Write something cynical/sarcastic on bell work. Forget that Ms.D is a math person, and humor seems to be lost on her. Also insert remark about growing pot in my backyard (Hi Mr.Police! I was joking!) and feel at a loss for real logic (how does growing pot interfere with your rights?)
Fourth day of school-nothing fun happens, except me writing names from Harry Potter on a worksheet to see if anyone notices, and I'm tardy after lunch. The end.

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