Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I did on my Summer Vacation

1. I failed the test out. I don't really care, it just means that I have to take health.

2. The Guy at customs to get into Canada said "and those are your boys in the backseat?" He called me a boy and I wanted to slap him. Very hard.
3.I started knitting a sock. It's on 1.5 mm needles, and using needles that don't exist in my country highly amuses me. The yarn is Super Soxx in a orangey- otherstuff colorway. It Rocks!

They're a christmas present for my mom.
4.I saw the changing of the guard at Parliment Hill. (in ottowa)
5. I built a fire.
6. I learned just how much knitting a slow, easily distracted knitter can get done on the way to just outside of Toronto

7. I ate Poutine.
which looks much more appetizing before my brother attacks it.

8. I went to the Toledo art museum, and I saw

And, no the painting does not actually look like that. I have a habit of taking....interesting pictures of paintings.

9. I started a painting of my very own. I think it's loveley, and no, I don't have a picture.

10. And I am currently knitting

another square, this one in 5 by 5 ribbing, the same lion brand blue stuff, for the blanket with my SnB. And the socks...I need to clean my room

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