Saturday, March 31, 2012


I do not have a tumblr.  I do not have any plans to get a tumblr in the future.

*Watches the tragic loss of twitter follower after twitter follower*

I still love twitter though!

People have told me to get a tumblr.  Like a lot of people. I read some tumblrs, but that's the thing...tumblr isn't for reading.  Tumblr is for reblogging memes and pretty pictures.  It's not serious.  Not that I'm an incredibly serious blogger or anything, but I like to think that I do something more than reblogging Johnlock porn.  I'm changing the universe with mah blog here!

Although...Johnlock porn.

There's this plugin that I'm supposed to be using with sketchup and it's just not working at all.  Like, sketchup shows that it's there, and the tools are clickable, but when I click them, I am not actually using them.  And this is a problem.  The demo videos for the plugin use the older version of sketchup though, so manybe that's why this isn't working.  Still, urgh.  I don't like it when computers don't work.

I need to be more productive today.  Design drawing, here I come!  Tomorrow is drafting day.  I just want drafting to be over right now.  Yuck.

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