Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I did with my Friday

Guys.  I have Fridays off of school and work and responsibility.  This is not a particularly new development, but today I did things worth talking about.  I woke up relatively early.  I texted my friend, who I'd made plans with earlier in the week.  Plans, still on.  I got my lazy butt out of bed at 9:15 and got myself into the car to pick up a friend of mine for fun! exciting! things!  We went to Wolfgang's for breakfast, which was awesome.  And then, after a quick detour back home to pick up my student ID, we went to the GRAM.
The GRAM is exactly like the DIA, except it's collection isn't as good and it costs a dollar more to get in.  And the building is new, instead of the fairly fantastic mashup of additions of time and space that the DIA consists of.  Today's visit had a Purpose (it's the little flame/that lights a fire under your ass).  We have to write essays.  For Art History.  About Rauschenberg.  He's a big deal, apparently.  And I don't think he's dead.  I should probably find out if he's dead or not before I turn my essay in.  These essays, apparently, are a big deal.  It's hard to express your thoughts in writing.  You should take notes and write an outline and then write your essay and rewrite and edit it.  This is what my professor has said.
How did all of us make it to college without writing an essay?  I mean, I'm speaking for others, maybe.  I've written an essay or two (or a million and a half, hey there APs!)

Really though, I do know how to write.  And not like a total idiot either.  We aim for 45% idiot, 50% normal human being, and 5% strange facial expressions and dinosaur noises.

I mean, I'm Literary.  With a capital L.

I like Instagram, despite all the hipster-who-thinks-they're-a-talented-photographer-stigma.

I had been thinking about taking some different classes next fall, if I can't publish a book and make all my dreams come true stay in school.  Printmaking is very high on the list.  Sculpture.  Industrial Design.  I need to get better at using the computer.  Apparently it has things other than twitter?  Who knew?  

I've heard of a class called "Digital Foundations" which may be something along the lines of what I need.  Also, CAD and Rhino, which do things mystical and unbeknownst to me.  I could take initiative and make these things, um, knownst to me.  Or something.
After the Rauschenberg, we talked for a while about the universe and how it is positively falling apart nearly constantly and also about how I have not read Jane Eyre.  Personal fault, I admit it.
And then I made soup.  Soup!  I should've chopped the onions smaller.
And then I thought that there was going to be this really great speaker at the GRAM, but it actually sucked, so I dragged my roomateboyfriend there for no reason.  Poop.  
And then I doodled.

Also, you should check out Rookie, FYTattoos, and The Mind Experience (this is much cooler if you are me than if you are, like, anyone else in the universe, but bear with me) and you might like them.  Or you might not.  I know that I was wasting time there today, and having fun with it.


BUT FIRST, let's talk about something else.  Two different people pointed out my horrible accent to me today.  Maybe it's an upper midwestern thing, maybe it's a me thing, I dunno.  All I know is that, sometimes...

I love all y'all.  G'night.

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