Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yeah. Everything.

Today was pretty eventful.
I don't think that I'm going to be writing my NaNoWriMo for the rest of this month.  Yes, this is the first year when I've just said that I was done.  Yes, I do have a good reason for doing this.  Yes, I have thought this out.  No, I have not discussed this with anyone else yet.  Yes, I do plan on continuing to write the novel.  Yes, I still like my novel.  Yes, I still want to write.  My wordcount is 13,702 right now.  This is not impossible to recover from.  I am confident in my ability to recover from this kind of a deficit.  I'm choosing not to.
I sound like a robot.
I don't feel bad about this.  I don't feel like I'm losing.  I don't feel like I'm quitting.  I think that this specific novel and this specific month were a match made in hell.

So, in other news, today was my carrer day at school.  For the furniture department.  The first person who came in was this guy who talked about finishing.  For his job, he invents new ways to finish furniture.  ALL DAY LONG.  For one of them, he painted a piece, then threw rice on the wet paint, then waited a while, then scraped the rice off, sanded it a little, then put gold leaf on, then silkscreened a design on top of the gold leaf.  WOAH SUPER EPIC AWESOME.
I took a lot of notes.

I learned a lot of things.  I learned that back in the day, Kendall basically funneled designers into Baker.  That's not so true anymore, which is probably a good thing.  I learned what you want to have in a portfolio, and that one of the guys in the furniture department is a totally amazing incredible woodworker. Like, woah.

And here's a picture from the tour of Grand Rapids Chair Company that I took.


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