Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hi!  It's November, also known as NaNoWriMo, or TheMonthWhereISeemLikeIHaveADHD, or HolyCrapWhenDidCollegeGetDifficult or EwwwGrossMyHairIsFallingOutFromTheStress or ThisIsTheTimeOfYearWhenIGetTheMostHitsIDecayWhy.  It's a fun time.  I slept for about two hours this morning, and I feel wide awake.  My cousin came over because he has an AAA plus membership and I need to get my car towed a hundred miles away from here, but once he got here and we called, he realized that he didn't have that kind of membership.  So...that was kinda bad.  But it was good to see him.
I was kind of planning to stay up all night because I have ten hundred thousand million drawings for Design Drawing that I need to redo so that I don't fail the class and die sad and alone*, but then I curled up in my bed around five.  And got a call saying that my cousin was outside my house at 7:10, dealt with the situation, cousin leaves, I register for classes, and then I blog.  That's how the story always ends.  I think I'm going to try to finish the drawing I'm working on right now, then go to school and draw some more and go to class.  Today, I may be crossing the line into consuming energy drinks.  I'm surprised it's taken this long.  Energy drinks are kind of like meat: I'm capable of consuming it, I see other people consume it, but I just...don't.
My wordcount is shit.**  I am not worried about this in the least.  I have all weekend and no functioning car and nothing to do, so I can see myself camping out on the couch for hours, days, weeks on end and writing my heart out.  Although, as I was writing this, my mom called and asked if I wanted to come home for the weekend.  So that might be happening.
Sometimes I wonder if I want to write more than I want to design furniture.  Then I flip out a little bit.  I'm worried, constantly, that I'm not doing the right thing, but then again, would studying English really help me?  Writers don't have to be English majors.  Furniture Designers don't have to be furniture majors either.  So really, college doesn't matter at all.  It's like expensive high school where everyone smokes.
If I don't do well here, I'll have to go back home and go to Schoolcraft or OCC, which are even more like high school where everyone smokes.  That's some motivation, I guess.
Did I tell all y'all how I talked to one of my roommates for four hours straight and totally revamped my novel in the process?  It was great.  YAY.  It feels much more solid now.
*NaNoWriMo has the side-effect of making you dramatic as fuck.
**I typed "ship" first, which reminds me that I am not the only person who has pondered the idea of writing slash fanfics about political figures.  Joey thinks about it too!  And Derek, obviously.  MWWHAHHAHAHAAH.  Mangoes.

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