Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Good is Good.

This is the follow up to Blu Dot's "Good design is good."*
Today was my last day of high school.  I went to Psych, then Forensics, then Lit, and then it was all over and I threw papers in the air and got my cap and gown and went to lunch.
We're not going back.
It's sinking in, and it feels so good to know that now.  After the class of 2011 got screwed over time and time again, they can't do anything else now.  We're free.
It's kind of awesome.
This may have aired on the PA system at school today.  Maybe.
As I was turning in my responsibility card and going to get my ugly gown, Mr. Finance told me that I was one of his favourite students because I could be myself even when I was surrounded by people who were trying to be someone else.  That made me feel good.
And then I got my oh-so-cheap cap and gown and strange little medal.  And then went to Noodles and Company, which makes awesome noodles.  And Trader Joe's (Peanut butter panda puffs) and drove Lauren home and went to the library to get Pushing Dasies and watched that with Conni.  And then we went to the Quiz Bowl party.  And then I hung out with Derek.  It was, all in all, great.

*To that, I say "Good design is invisible."

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