Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Has it actually been more than a week since I blogged? Yes. Maybe. Yes.

Go to orthodontist.
Find out I must have my wisdom teeth out.
Get pissed.
Do other stuff.
Write a letter.
Try to make a video.
Youtube has matinnce.
Damn you, youtube.

Work on world history stuff.
Think that it's monday for quite some time.

Wake up on couch.
Don't remember falling asleep on couch.
Serve lunch.
Plan epic escape.
Make dinner.
Plant salad box.
Plan more epic escaping.

Clearly, I am planning an epic escape. Where to, I'm not sure. Somewhere I can live in a tiny house and walk everywhere and have a cute garden. Because the cute garden is of utmost importance.

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Andrea said...


Bianka Rose said...

I was wondering when you would start blogging again. :)

Luna Moon said...

On the bright side with the wisdom teeth, you're getting them out soon. And pretty much everyone needs to get them out.

But my dad only got two out. Now when I get mine done, he has to get the other two out because they are at risk for infection and decay, and a mess of other stuff because he's old.

It's better to get them out now.

Samantha said...

Andrea, you said Canada. I am in support of this idea, but when I'm talking epic escape, this is a forever type of epic know how you're going to live with JD and then when he dies, you're going to move to Ireland? This epic escape is my plan.
Bianka, we are going to hang out. In face I'm going to call you right this minute!
Luna, I'm still not looking forward to it. But at least they'll give me good drugs.

Andrea said...

Maybe Bianka should study with us for World History!?!?!

Then Samantha will be like "historyhistorysomethingsmart" and I'll be like "bullshitbullshitidon'tknowwhati'msaying" and Bianka will be like "historyhistorysomethingsmart,andrea,you'restupid."

Fun stuff.

Samantha said...

I am fully in support of this idea, but I am not sure of Bianka's opinion. Ask her.

Aeromax said...

The URL of your youtube channel is one of those things I really ought to know, but don't.

Assistance would be appreciated.