Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ten Kinds of Awesome

Harry Potter is. And now I'm going to go watch the fifth movie, because it's very blurry in my head.
Thing that was awesome:
The flashback scenes. They were all in this sort of green light that made the orphanage feel like the depressing place I imagine it to be, and I thought it was sort of interesting to see a not-as-old Dumbledore.
Thing that scared me:
When they're getting the horcrux, they're trying to go back, and there's this shocking hand grab. I kind of screeched.
Thing that was strange:He was wearing a suit the whole time, except during classes. And everyone else was wearing jeans, and no one thought that was odd. Also, I kind of want the slicked back hair again, like it was in the first two movies. I also thought it was weird how he seemed to wake up in the hospital wing right when Harry and Dumbledore got back, and then he got up there...and was wearing a suit. If the guy who you are out to kill is there and venerable, do you waste time getting changed? No. You go kill him.

I feel very sorry for the kids who will read Harry Potter and never be able to go to a book or movie release. It would be so wrong to have heard how the series ends without having read the books as they came out. Tragic. Soul crushing.

6 Fab Fans:

Andrea said...

Wait, which one just came out movie-wise? The fifth? Or the sixth?

Samantha said...

The sixth.

Andrea said...

Oh... Yeah, I didn't read that one! Good stuff, good stuff.

Samantha said...

How can you be sure it's good stuff if you haven't read it?

Bianka Rose said...

If I was Draco Malfoy, and I looked like him and I looked that good in a black suit, I would change before killing my vulnerable victim.

Samantha said...

He does look good in it. But there are some times (such as when you've tried to kill Dumbledore twice) when you stop thinking about how you look and you just go kill him.
I would have gone and killed him.