Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She still blogs, apparently.

Yeah, I haven't been blogging lately. This post will be a jumble of whatever I've been doing instead of blogging.

  • Videos! I've started a project called FiveVloggingGirls. We each vlog once a week. I'm Monday. It's awesome.
  • Songs From a Hat is my new favourite channel on YouTube. Apart from the VlogBrothers. No one will ever replace the vlogbrothers in my heart.
  • Do I sound like a stalker?
  • HANK AND JOHN ARE COMING TO ME. This made my week when I found out. You should come see them too!
  • Algebra 2 is a pain in the ass. The homework is easy, the tests are hard. The class is not that exciting. Even though my teacher is in the rodeo.
  • NaNoWriMo is coming up! Yay! And the other vlogging girls do nano. It's going to be so freeking awesome this year!
  • Especially because I have Plot. A real plot. It's Romeo and Juliet if everyone's personalities were much more extreme than they are. And if they used common sense.
  • Student Congress! I need to...research some point...soonish...shit
  • Research Writing (debate class) is absolutely amazing!!! I love having a clue when no one else does! I love kicking ass!

2 Fab Fans:

Anonymous said...

I pity you in Algebra II. It doesn't really get any better. Algebra-Trig/Pre-Cal is a total bitch.

LittleTree said...

Did I see you in math the other day?? peace