Friday, June 27, 2008

Evil Glare Coming My Way

If you're Bianka Rose, then you are totally giving me "the look". I'm sorry!
I just read The Average American, and it was really good. Even me, who unabashedly hates nonfiction, liked it. I learned really useless facts too, which may or may not turn up in quizbowl.
I learned that Michiganders have the most average accents. I learned that there is a form of crystal meth called "ice" that you can smoke. I learned that most Americans live in suburbia (isn't that sad?). I learned that most Americans use a "privatively owned motor vehicle" to get to their main place to be everyday.

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Sisterly Knits said...

To answers your two questions:

Ant is short for Fantasia. :P Weird name, I know. If I had posted the descriptions of the sisters beforehand, you would have known. :D

As for the "refugee center", its a fictional town, with fictional add-ons. If your house burns down, if your orphaned, and so on - you retreat to the "refugee" center. And yes, I know about the insurance. Later in the story...chapter 4 I think - I introduce a small problem about the insurance company.

So yeah, that explains it all! :D Thanks for your comments.