Friday, February 29, 2008

Okay, I'm a SLACKER

1.Went to the DIA with Emoline/Bianka. 'Twas funnerfull, even if we did almost get locked in.
3.Organized (for the most part) my yarn.
This is the "Before" picture

Yeah, I know my room's a total mess. It's not always like that though.
And this is the "After" picture.3.I knit. However, I can't show you most of it. You'll just have to trust that I finished quite a bit of relatively complicated knitting.
4.I dyed.
It's some more of the KnitPicks Bare Sock Yarn that I got for Christmas. The colours are pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself.
5.I shopped with my friends. We never go shopping together, so it was funnerful. Makena's crazieness is becoming more and more apparent though.
6.I borrowed a ball winder and swift. My former art teacher's wife weaves, and he lent me it. This is what prompted the organizing spree.
7.Heard about Grey's Anatomy coming back on TONIGHT!!! Squeeeeeee! This is way more exciting than any tv show should be. I've kinda started to stop caring about tv since the writers have been on strike for what seems like forever. It's an interesting feeling.
8.Written most of this list.

Have a FANTABULOUS leap day everyone! Be sure to fit a few leaps in!

Last night, I had to figure out my schedule for next year. It was...well, let's just say that there were an excessive amount of tears involved. The counselors (and Grandholm, for chrissakes) feel the need to constantly remind me that I will die if I don't take a bizgillion math and science classes. I guess that I just don't see the point of taking classes if I don't enjoy them and don't want to go into that field. I also realized that my school requires a full 11 credits more than the state does for graduation, which sucks. If I lived somewhere else, I could graduate a full year and a half earlier than I can now.
Yeah, the school counsel ours sometimes make me really, really mad.
At least they let me switch math classes without too much fuss.
I really should be writing or studying french or studying science or something right now.

6 Fab Fans:

Elena12 said...

Ooh! I love the yarn you dyed! The color is gorgeous!!

Samantha said...

Oh, thanks! It was really fun to dye, you should try it sometime.

Sarahhaha said...

yeah. a slaker. you did more than iwould have done in a year. exactly.

LittleTree said...

you know what, I did leap a few times, it was not pretty, but it was fun.

Bianka said...

DIA!! i heart that place now. REMBRANDT!! he's sooooo my hero

Bianka said...

btw, i love the new background. don't you love pyzam?