Friday, February 15, 2008

No school, and Yarn Harlot

The Yarn Harlot is coming to meeee! Ann Arbor Library, April 11, 7:00...I am ridiculously excited about this. The other pretty cool thing; I will be able to drive there too!!!! Well, I'll have to have my mom or dad in the car, but still.
We have no school....'tis a PSD day. The teachers get to spend all day making up tests and going to meetings and stuff like that. It pretty much means that we get to do whatever we want today...and the next nine days, because Michigan has this fabulous thing called Mid-Winter break. We have mid-winter break because winter in Michigan sometimes feels like you and your toes never really thaw out, so everyone goes to Florida for a week in February. Except if you're me, your Dad has firefighting classes every night, and your Mom is sick, so there's no way you get to go much of anywhere. And apparently my brother is getting sick too.
At least I have new prettiful socks on the needles to brighten my day.
They're some Knit Picks bare that I dyed weekend before last. The pattern is MataHari by Craftoholic. They shall be knee socks if I can pretend to have an attention span. and yes, I do realize that the yarn is a little busy for the pattern, but oh well...
Bye byes!

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LittleTree said...

Hey, Is that your foot in a unfinished sock?? You are so good. Have a great day.