Monday, July 30, 2007

My peeps!

Knitting club was tonight! Me and all the other peeps (besides for Conni. I think she's at some kind of band camp thing) hang out at the library and knit and talk every Monday evening. I really like it better when Conni or Christina are there though. It's sometimes akward to be the youngest one there by at least ten years. It's still pretty fun. A certin person who likes to make other people knit the same thing she's knitting has forced some people who have been coming for longer than I have to make the Wonderfull Wallaby hoodie. I have been resisting peer pressure. Just say no. Is it a little odd to be peer pressured by a woman older than my mother? Yes. Oh well.

I ordered 10 skiens of yarn on clearence in teal. For The Sweater (not a wallaby!). I'm really excited!

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